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On a stunning first of november day I painted this piece under a radiant autumn sun. Golden leaves quietly fell and lake michigan gently lapped against the sands of sleeping bear national lakeshore. Only the trees stood as silent witness, free of judgement, to my creative process that unfolded all afternoon. Upon arrival an eagle flew low and near, granting me permission to follow my heart. This magical place and special time seemed to hold secrets of the soul, truth, and wisdom. I will forever be uncertian as to wheather I chose this time and place or it chose me. What I do know is that it instilled upon me a new sense of freedom that I continue to carry.


I hope you enjoy how I paired the northern woodland fall tones with the cool endless blues of Lake Michigan and apprciate the playful accents of crisp white birches. 

oh! and yes, that's pyramid pointe in the distance...


Nov.1, Near Sleeping Bear 


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nov. 1 near sleeping bear

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